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I'm not a professional, just passionnated of 3D, games and musical creations

Last update : January 2024

Sora Tenshi is an artist name choose from « Sky Angel » but in japanese form. I just hope as few people will like that i made and will release in future. I let you discover my few songs, website, 3D realize and more soon.

« Live your dreams in music ».

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Sora Tenshi feat Maze - New Album "Starlight" on air

Sora & MAZE made few songs since 2019, born from 3D creation. They started with « Ven, Alive and Say’s me » by the past and back in 2023 with 20 news songs into « Starlight ». Sora Tenshi as a sound enginer and MAZE group got their voices on his builds.

« We hope you will like our news songs as we made it for people who may enjoy our music style ».

Our meet in December theme – Another night

From fragile to combative, when a girl who fights an illness becomes a heroine!
Yuki is an 16-year-old girl suffering from a rare disease that puts her in difficulty in many situations but also in her relationship with others.
To face the mockery of others, she withdraws into herself by rejecting any social relationship and prefers to take refuge in her imagination where she has all her abilities and make many friends.
But one day a strange boy will appear and will make her discover a new side of life …

Sora & Orianna are the main duo from Fantasy Dreams Studio, born from 3D creation. They started with « Closer » by the past and back after few months ago with two news songs « Say’s Me » and  » Need You ». Sora Tenshi as a sound enginer and Orianna offer her voice on his builds.

« We hope you will like our news songs as we made it for all people who have someone to love in their heart ».

The new single from the next Album is now available.

Only one album will out this year, if you enjoyed « Alive », « Your Lover », « Closer », and like some Dance/Trance music… i Guess the next Album could please you ;). I let you discover my actual songs, in waiting to listen the next song.

« We hope you will like it and wish you a good listen ».

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